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Blue Singers – In the limelight of world!


Singers in the blue format range from one-chord Delta players. Primitive, to huge bands to classical music to rock and roll and to country music. This list of GREAT BLUE SINGERS is a dynamic and may not be capable to accomplish specific standards for wholeness.

You can aid by growing it with dependably sourced entries. Nearly without fail, great singers seem to have grasped music early in their life, most beginning in infancy. However, for some other, applause comes effortlessly; others spend a life creating music before abruptly coming into the limelight. The multiplicity of this list shows how many various styles are covered within the Blues-genre.

John Mayall – Great contributor in BLUE SINGERS

The contributions of this singer to the blue genre were huge. As he gave the industry with numerous supreme guitar players – Eric Clapton and Peter Green. Since his band, called as Bluesbreakers, would undergo lineup changes such as socks, he always used superior players who were evenly eager for blues including Coco Montoya, Mick Taylor, Mick Fleetwood just to name some. His first recording with Clapton, Bluesbreakers together with Eric-Clapton, would show to be a momentary partnership. The records was full of blues-standards like “It Ain’t Right” from Little Walter, “Hide Away” from Freddie King, and “All Your Love” from Otis Rush

Big Joe Turner

Height about 6’2″ and weight over 300 lbs., this wonderful singer would become one of the GREAT BLUE SINGERS. He was born in Kansas City, and his profession would cross for an inspiring 7 decades. Before he would record his very first album, Turner sang on the road corners for change before adjusting to the clubs within his homeland.

The Sunset and The Kingfish Club became normal gigs for Big Joe Turner plus his pianist Pete Johnson because they polished their act. In the year 1938, Johnson and Turner were invite to come out with Benny Goodman in NYC, however they return to Kansas beaten.

Maybe it would take 2 years prior to they get by John-Hammond who tell the twosome to come back to NYC for the performance at a show at Carnegie Hall. From that concert, Turner was a hot proceed because he played next to Count Basie Orchestra daily. But, the 1950s is known as his time because he hire Atlantic Records. Also, launch such super hits like chart-breaking “Shake, Rattle-and-Roll”, “Honey Hush,” and “Chains of Love.”

Bobby Bland

Frequently called as Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland, this amazing singer combined blues with R&B and soul for an exceptional music that was his own. In the year of 1955, he get attention with his debut single and start touring with Junior-Parker. Well, it would take Bobby many years to get chartbuster hits with “Farther-On-Up the Road,” which get at no.1. Bobby, unlike his generation, was a crooner and he wasn’t scare to employ strings on his sounds. This made him one of the GREAT BLUE SINGERS.  He got 23 top 10 hits and several awards for his involvements to music industry including Grammy Lifetime-Achievement award, the Rock-and-Roll Hall-of-Fame, and the Blues Hall-of-Fame.